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Overhaul Services







Kami menyediakan jasa Overhaul untuk segala jenis merek dan semua jenis turbocharger, beberapa tahapan dalam pekerjaan overhaul:

  1. Dismanting, Cleaning, Visual Inspection
  2. Hydro Pressure Test
  3. Check Wall thickness of gas inlet and outlet casing
  4. Check Rotor dimension and deflections
  5. Reassembling & Final inspection

Computerized Balancing System mempunyai mesin Balancing dengan menggunakan system computerized (Test Universe 3 Kg – 2000 kg)

Untuk tahapan dari pelaksanaan Balancing Rotor Shift meliputi:

  1. Removal of Compressor wheels and parttion wall
  2. Throughhout cleaning of all parts
  3. Checking the dimensions and deflectio of rotating parts
  4. Dynamic balancing of the rotors shaft with wheels
  5. Assembling of the rotor
  6. Provide balancing report

Manfaat dari Balancing Rotor Shaft:

  1. Minimize vibration. Unbalance is still the major source of machine vibration.
  2. Minimise noise. Airbone noise if often attributable to mechanical vibration.
  3. Minimise structure stress. The forces produced by unbalance have to be absorbed by the surrounding structure.
  4. Increase machine life. The time between outages can be extended if the machine is running smotthly.
  5. Increase bearing life. Bearings bear the brunt of the unbalance force.
  6. Increase personnel safety. Danger associated with machine failure are minimised.
  7. Increase productivity. Machines running smoothly have more “uptime” availability